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How do Expedia Payments Work?

Expedia is an international accommodation booking site.

Please see below on how payments work for this extranet.

Bookings from Expedia have two payment methods. If you have signed up with Expedia Traveller Preference, the guest has the option to select either method. If you are not with Expedia Traveller Preference, you will have set one payment option only, namely Expedia Virtual Card or Hotel Collects.

Expedia Traveller Preference (ETP)
If you have agreed to move over to ETP then you will have signed a new contract with Expedia, gone through training and then be converted.
Payments will either be "Expedia Collects" or "Hotel Collects" and it will show in the Booking Notes which payment procedure is applicable to the booking.
The Two Payment Methods:

  1. Expedia Collects (Expedia Virtual Card)
  • Guest has prepaid Expedia.
  • You need to charge the Expedia Virtual Card on the day of departure.
  • You will find the credit card details in your Owner's Login on the NightsBridge website. Click here for tutorial.
  • You can contact Expedia on for any virtual card queries.

2. Hotel Collects:

  • Guest will pay upon arrival.
  • Whether you can take a deposit at the time of the booking will be agreed upon and included in your contract with Expedia.